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Dogs Welcome Here

If you’re looking for that pooch-friendly place both you and your dog can agree on, say no more—because Shady Trails is just the community.


Every four-legged friend needs a place to daily strut their stuff. And here, they can have their pick. Take them on one of the winding trails throughout the community for their share of natural sights, good sniffs and all-out exploration. Or simply take a walk down one of the tree-lined streets around the neighborhood. No matter what you decide, you’re bound to show your pet a good time out of the house.


If you’re in the mood for a bigger excursion, adventure awaits you just up the road at Fontana Dog Park. With grassy play areas for exercise and benches to sit back and relax, there’s no better place to let your furry friends embrace their nature off leash—and you can either sit back or join in the fun.


So whether it’s your average daily walk or a little something more, Shady Trails has got you and man’s best friend covered. Come out for a stroll and check it out for yourself.